Media appearances and speeches

Given the variety of his activities, Edward is often asked to provide media comment and participate in broadcast interviews or panels as well as acting as a keynote speaker at conferences. Below are a recent selection of media references and interviews, mostly relating to sport and equality issues.

Pink News – 14 July 2019 – Quoted in 17 people share what makes them proud to be non-binary

Pink News – 6 June 2019 – Hampstead ponds trans-inclusive policy will be ‘vigorously defended’

BBC News – 25 May 2019 – Quoted in Transgender women’s right to use Hampstead Heath ponds acknowledged

Evening Standard – 23 May 2019 – Quoted in Transgender swimmers given full access to Hampstead Heath ladies’ pond

Camden New Journal – 23 May 2019 – Quoted in Heath Ladies’ Pond policy to welcome transgender swimmers

City Matters – 15 October 2018 – Quoted in 30,000 respond to gender identity consultation

The Daily Telegraph – 30 July 2018 – Gender equality campaigner defends Freemason membership

Pink News – 29 July 2018 – The Sunday Times comes under fire for ‘scaremongering’ and ‘anti-trans’ article on women’s toilets

GetWestLondon – 9 July 2018 – Quoted in What’s happening next after self-identifying women were allowed to use Hampstead Heath’s ladies-only pond

GetWestLondon – 22 June 2018 – Quoted in The shocking lack of statues of women in London and what’s being done about it

The Guardian – 23 July 2017 – Letter to the Editor Bisexual people should count for more in the LGBT team

The Daily Star – 17 July 1017 – Comment on Football star Ronaldinho’s picture with Chechnya’s President

The Daily Mail (Charles Sale) – 1 June 2015 – Diary piece about standing down from ASA

Politics Home – 31 March 2015 – Making a splash: Chairman of the Amateur Swimming Association aims to get Britain swimming

ITV News – 23 March 2015 – Survey: Nine million adults in England unable to swim

BT Sport – 29 January 2015 – ASA “determined” to make a splash

The Guardian (Owen Gibson) – 7 October 2014 – Edward Lord rounds on FA and Premier League at Lib Dem conference

The Daily Telegraph (Letters) – 23 September 2014 – FA dismissal: Edward Lord will still lead the way in UK sport

Liberal Democrat Voice – 23 September 2014 – Senior Liberal Democrats sign letter praising former FA inclusion adviser Edward Lord after his abrupt sacking

Pink News – 23 September 2014 – Adviser sacked over FA scandal remarks gains support of equality campaigners

The Daily Telegraph (Ben Rumsby) – 22 September 2014 – Sacked Football Association adviser Edward Lord backed by top equality campaigners

The Daily Telegraph (Ben Rumsby) – 18 September 2014 – Edward Lord sacked over FA scandal remarks

The Guardian (Owen Gibson) – 18 September 2014 – Edward Lord expelled from FA inclusion post over ‘breakdown in trust’

The Daily Mail (Charles Sale) – 17 September 2015 – Edward Lord won’t go quietly after breaking ranks over FA’s lack of action

The Daily Telegraph (Interview with Ben Rumsby) – 3 September 2014 – Edward Lord attacks FA over its failure to punish those breaching discrimination rules

The Mirror – 16 May 2014 – Richard Scudamore’s position is untenable, claims Football Association adviser Edward Lord

The Daily Mail – 15 May 2014 – Richard Scudamore in fight to save Premier League job as FA figures back Government condemnation of sexist emails scandal

BBC Sport – 14 May 2014 – Richard Scudamore: Premier League panel to meet next week

The Guardian – 14 May 2014 – Greg Dyke calls Scudamore sexist emails ‘totally inappropriate’

The Independent – 14 May 2014 – Richard Scudamore emails: Greg Dyke joins criticism of ‘totally inappropriate’ sexist comments

The Daily Telegraph (Ben Rumsby) – 14 May 2014  FA chairman Greg Dyke condemns sexist emails sent by Premier League chief Richard Scudamore

The Daily Telegraph (Ben Rumsby) – 13 May 2014 – Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore in the clear over sexist emails

The Times – 13 May 2014 – Heat rises on Richard Scudamore as Greg Dyke attacks ‘totally inappropriate’ emails

BBC Sport – 12 May 2014 – Richard Scudamore will get away with sexist emails – John Amaechi

Sport Life World – 12 May 2014 – Scudamore Emails ‘As Bad As Racism’

The Guardian (Owen Gibson) – 12 May 2014 – Clamour grows for action against Richard Scudamore over sexist remarks

The Guardian (David Conn) – 12 May 2014 – Official inaction on Richard Scudamore puts Premier League on the spot

Miami Herald – 11 May 2014 – EPL chief apologizes over ‘inappropriate’ emails

BBC News – 2 December 2013 – Olympic diving star Tom Daley in relationship with man

Manchester Evening News – 22 June 2011 – Edward’s rapid rise earns trip to Buckingham Palace

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