Sticking, stuffing and delivering

It is but a few days now until polling day for the City of London common council elections on Thursday 21 March and I seem to be spending most of my waking hours sticking labels, stuffing envelopes and delivering them around the ward of Farringdon Without. On Thursday evening a team of us stuffed (and on Friday morning delivered) over 3,500 target letters and manifesto leaflets.

At times like this you inevitably ask if it is all worth it. Will anyone read the carefully crafted and designed letters and leaflets or will they be consigned straight to the recycling bin. Given the nature of the City’s franchise, I particularly worry that the worker voters may never even get to see the literature at all, it having been blocked by over earnest PAs, barristers clerks or post rooms keen not to bother their bosses with irrelevant ephemera.

I console myself with the knowledge that the One Farringdon team’s material appears at least to be of superior quality both in design and content and that my running mates and I are offering tangible policies and sound experience to the electorate. It is for that reason that we must try and communicate with the voters and persuade them out to the polls this week. I just hope it works!

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